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This guy is ready to take on his first cock. The scene? An underground club that boasts a glory hole fit for hot gay studs to have anonymous sex in.
To tell you the truth, I've always loved the idea of sucking a stranger's dick. It has turned me on for months now and it's finally the day that I make that dream a reality. I admit that I'm gay and bro, if you like cock and want to suck it all day long, your best bet is to embrace your true sexuality as well. The sooner you do it the better, because it means you get to sample more dick!
I feel so dirty being here right now. I'm sure you can imagine the things that are going through my mind as I treat this hot cock to the pleasure it deserves. I wish I could bend over right now and take it deep in my ass. Oh my god, that feeling would just be so incredible. I'm rock hard right now and to be honest, I'm looking forward to getting my own dick sucked by this gay dude.

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Mandy Candy is here to control your ass and introduce you to the idea of becoming a little gay pervert. She knows you like dick, but your resistance against admitting it is a huge problem.
Get on your knees for me this instant - I went out and picked this dildo for you especially. Give up the act of pretending that you're straight, because let's just be honest for a second, there's no way in hell that you're not a total fucking homosexual. You like cock, and while there's nothing wrong with that, pretending you don't is pathetic.
I bet that I could find you a dozen guys that would be willing to fuck your tight ass - hell; they'd even do it bareback and pump your ass full of hot, sticky cum. You'd love that, wouldn't you? Lots of jizz being deposited deep inside your butt until there was no space left for fresh loads. Come on gay boy, admit your love for dick already!
- Mandy Candy

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Leah Lush is not happy about what happened last night. In fact, your mistress is so pissed that she's going to teach you about cock, how to suck it and finally, how to take it.
When you get a dude back to your apartment, you have to go straight for the cock. There's absolutely no point in beating around the bush. Your hand is going straight for his big meaty stick and you're going to stroke it up and down like the horny little gay man you are. Embrace your desire for the dick and I promise you that everything after that will be just fine.
You have to realize that you're hot for gay sex and there's nothing wrong with that. Go with the flow and be sure to appreciate that you're not the only homosexual dude around. Now the final thing we need to talk about is getting your ass fucked. Believe me, nothing says 'I'm living my gay fantasy' quite like taking a big, juicy dick deep inside your tight virgin asshole.
- Leah Lush

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Taylor's got a special treat in store for you this afternoon. You can't be sure why she's holding a dildo, but it doesn't look good for you!
Hey! I've got a special afternoon of training lined up. See, I think we need to work on your ability to suck and fuck cock. You might not think of yourself as being gay - but take it from a woman - there are obvious signs that you would love nothing more than to get fucked in the ass by a hung stud. Stop pretending it doesn't exist: I know what my slaves like!
So, I've got my hands on a pair of dildos that are definitely going to do the trick. Open up your mouth for me so I can introduce this big shaft to your throat. That's it slave - nice and wide. Lick this sweet cock up and down like the gay boy you are. Worship that dick and make sure you let it know just how much you appreciate its presence. See, I told you that you were gay!
- Taylor Raz

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This gay dude has tasted one or two cocks in his day, but never before has he actually been fucked by another man. That changes in this scene.
To tell you the truth, I always lived my life as if I was a straight dude that simply wasn't into women. The fact of the matter is - I'm gay. I love nothing more than the idea of fucking a dude, and I've decided that it's finally time I turn that fantasy into a reality. So why don't you take a see and watch what happens when a gay virgin gets his ass fucked for the very first time?
I can tell you now, if you've never had a gay experience but have desired it for a long time, do your best to get one as soon as possible. This feels incredible! His big gay cock is violating my asshole so much. I feel like I'm being ripped open as he fucks me deep in my ass. The pleasure is out of this world, I'm going to cum as soon as he fills my ass up with his delicious seed.

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Samantha knows the password to your phone and found all the gay porn you have on there. She's going to embrace your fetish for cocks today.
Look buddy, I'm your mistress and I know everything about you - including the fact that you look at gay porn on your phone when I'm not around. I expected to find some weird stuff, but to think of you with a gay fantasy is pretty interesting. Anyway, I'm looking forward to giving you a taste of cock. You seem to like the idea of sucking dick, right?
Well get your sissy ass over here and suck on this dick. I made sure to give you a small shaft to begin with, but believe me when I say that we will eventually get this massive dildo deep down your throat. I don't mess around when it comes to educating the guys that submit to me. You're my gay slave from now on: learn to live with it.
- Samantha Grace

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Jolene Your Gay Fantasy Brunette Porn Video Lingerie Tube

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You're a lot of trouble, because your mistress - Jolene - has found you flirting with men on the Internet. She didn't know you were bisexual, now you're in for a lot of punishment.
Look, I don't care what excuse you come up with - you've been chatting up men on the Internet and I'm simply not interested in what you have to say about it. If you like cock so much, we're going to make sure you get all the dick that you need in order to satisfy your desires. I love the fact that you're hungry for cock, I just wish you told me sooner.
We're going out tonight and that ass of yours is going to be treated to a big fat cock that is going to pop your gay cherry. There's no worming your way out of it, either. That asshole of yours is going to be fucked so good and hard that you'll think twice about going full-gay for dick.
- Jolene

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Your Gay Fantasy Gay Blowjob Porn Video Tube

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Three hours, two men and one hot desire to have the best gay sex of their lives. These dudes love nothing more than indulging in their gay fantasies together.
You want to know my story? Well, I first started looking at men during high school. I realized that I loved nothing more than masturbating while thinking about all the hot athletic boys that were in my class. I still pretended that I was straight and even had a few girlfriends, but the truth was I wanted cock and I wanted it bad.
I have to keep my gay fantasy a secret because I'm quite a successful man. But of course, when I get some alone time with this man we go to town on each other's asses and really fuck the hell out of one another. Do you have a secret gay fantasy? Well if you want my advice, do your best to treat it as quickly as possible: once you take a hot cock in the ass, you'll never want to stop.

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Addie Juniper Your Gay Fantasy Bedroom Brunette Porn Video Tube

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Addie Juniper knows your big secret and now that it's out, she's going to help you get your fix. Yeah, we're talking about how you're actually super-hot for gay sex.
Look, we really need to talk, because it's obvious to me that you're simply not into girls in the same way you're into men. Now there's nothing wrong with you wanting to have some cock, and I'm totally down for you to make that fantasy into a reality. After all, if you're interested in what it's like to take a big fat dick, you should at least try it, right?
So, let's just forget that we're dating and you can go off and get all the cock that you want. In fact, I know a few hung guys that are always down to pop the cherry of a newbie gay dude. So what do you say? Yeah, I thought as much - honestly dude, your desire for gay sex is not something that I'll hold against you. Just go out there and get fucked by all the men you can. I'm sure you'll love it.
- Addie Juniper

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